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Blockchain Fund Draper Goren Holm to Invest in the Tezos Ecosystem


Draper Goren Holm early-stage venture fund looking to incubate startups building on Tezos.

Los Angeles — April 1, 2021 — Draper Goren Holm, the Los Angeles-based venture studio and fund, a partnership between Tim Draper, Alon Goren, and Josef Holm, today announced plans to incubate and accelerate startups built on the Tezos blockchain.

Draper Goren Holm’s bet on Tezos began in 2020 with its backing of Tezos Stable Technologies, the team responsible for building the first Tezos stablecoin, USDtez, as well as its recent backing of a Tezos-based NFT marketplace, Kalamint. Additionally, partner Tim Draper has been a long-time supporter of the Tezos network since its fundraiser in 2017, well before the venture studio and fund’s establishment in 2018.

“Draper Goren Holm strongly believes in the Tezos community to build and define the next generation of crypto adoption,” said Alon Goren, Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm. “We believe the differences in the Tezos blockchain, and how it is governed, are monumental to scaling blockchain verticals for the long-term. We are so excited to continue investing in the Tezos ecosystem!”

Tim Draper, Draper Goren Holm special limited partner, added, “Tezos is the leading platform for smart contracts and low energy use, since they use proof of stake. We’re excited to fund projects on the Tezos blockchain and believe it has a promising future ahead. We believe it will be the smart contract standard!”

To further this initiative, the Tezos Foundation is also becoming an official limited partner of Draper Goren Holm with an emphasis on the next generation of Tezos-based startups. The investment is one piece of Draper Goren Holm’s $25 million dollar venture fund, focused on fintech and blockchain startups.

“Draper Goren Holm has been a great enabler of entrepreneurship in the blockchain tech space for quite some time and has managed to create a large platform involving a global community. The Tezos Foundation is excited to support Draper Goren Holm in fostering projects and use cases building on Tezos” said Hubertus Thonhauser, chairman of the Tezos Foundation Council.

“I’m thrilled to welcome the Tezos Foundation to the Draper Goren Holm family, we have a lot of exciting stuff planned together, and I can’t wait to help propel this incredible ecosystem forward,” exclaimed Josef Holm, Draper Goren Holm Founding Partner.

About Draper Goren Holm:

Draper Goren Holm, a partnership between Tim Draper, Alon Goren, and Josef Holm, is a venture studio focused on accelerating and incubating early-stage blockchain and fintech startups, while simultaneously producing over 100 leading blockchain and cryptocurrency events, Security Token Summit and LA Blockchain Summit. Portfolio companies include Tezos Stable Technologies, Totle, Ownera, Innovesta, LunarCrush, Degens, Giftz, Vertalo, Coinsquad, CasperLabs, Element Zero and more.

More information can be found at

About Tezos:

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today. Stakeholders of the Tezos blockchain vote on amendments to the protocol to reach social consensus on proposals, creating a secure and organic upgrading system. The protocol’s on-chain governance system, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, and ability to facilitate formal verification, make Tezos an ideal long-term solution for digital transactions, including smart contracts and STOs.

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